Christopher Faylor
Wed Sep 21 03:23:00 GMT 2011

On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 01:20:10PM -0400, Andrew Schulman wrote:
>> LGPLed code is fine.  It just can't be built into the Cygwin DLL.  So,
>> if you're looking into packaging anything, I'd use the latest you can
>> find.
>> Or, if you can find an implementation with a "better" license, I'll
>> happily pull it into Cygwin itself.
>See gnu/argp* .  Looks like a complete implementation, all GPL.

I guess I'm not being clear because I thought this was understood.  We
can't pull GPLed stuff into the Cygwin DLL because Red Hat won't allow
it.  We can pull in BSD licensed stuff and, in some cases, public domain
stuff.  If above is GPLed then it is obviously not something that can
be pulled into the DLL.

If this is being pulled into a separate package for Cygwin (which would
be fine) it would probably be best if it was LGPLed since that license
would be less of a burden for the users of the library.


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