Dealing with Symlinks

Greg Chicares
Mon Sep 19 05:09:00 GMT 2011

On 2011-09-18 13:28Z, tedthetool wrote:
> I am trying to compile openssl.

It's already available as a Cygwin package, BTW.

> When I run make and make test, I get trivial
> compile errors. See,
> error: expected identifier or '(' before '!' token
> error: stray '\377' in program
> error: stray '\376' in program

\377\376 sounds like a UTF-16 byte order marker. Are you using the
same sources as the Cygwin package? See:

> My friends tells me that this is because cygwin doesn't deal with the
> symlinks present in C header files. How do I remedy this?

Did the compiler display a diagnostic indicating that it couldn't
find some header? If not, then the cause might be something else.

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