Perl on Cygwin?

Andrey Repin
Mon Sep 19 02:52:00 GMT 2011

Greetings, tedthetool!

> So I'm trying to run the config file for a program in Cygwin, but it says I
> need Perl 5 before I can proceed.

> I've searched through cygwin packages, I don't see a Perl package, only
> ancillary packages. I type "perl -v" in cygwin and perl is not recognized. 

> So where do I get Perl for cygwin? I've gone through the same thing for
> msys... perl is nowhere to be found.

Launch setup.exe
Switch View to Full.
Type "perl" in the search box.
The very first package.........

Andrey Repin ( 18.09.2011, <12:02>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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