Asking about perl 5.14 again ...

Reini Urban
Sat Sep 17 11:49:00 GMT 2011

2011/9/5 Reini Urban:
> 2011/9/2 Philip Kime:
>> Sorry to ask again, just for planning reasons, wondering about any potential date for perl 5.14.1?
> Sorry, I cannot give you a date now. I plan to be at home again in
> about a week, but I'm preparing moving to the states. So it could be
> early or middle of october.

The latest test is looking good. I think I can release it as test
release over the weekend.
Just the debuginfo pkg is broken. It's being uploaded now to

At Tuesday I'm shipping my PC for max. 6 weeks to the states (boy,
they really need that long),
and I lost my Windows laptop, I only have a MacOSX laptop, so I can
continue middle
of November with my packaging duties.
postgresql-9.1 and the semi-broken clisp-2.39 is also waiting.
Reini Urban

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