this really sucks - 37 seconds to do /usr/bin/ls

Andrew Schulman
Fri Sep 16 20:54:00 GMT 2011

> OK , I was wrong.  I removed bash completion / git completion and on a 
> Virtual Box VM (windows xp pro x32 with cygwin installed)
> /usr/bin/ls and most other commands take more than 30 seconds to complete.
> The box is a quad core with 8GB ram and no other VM is running (host OS 
> is win 7 and cygwin runs blazingly fast).
> I did not have this problem under Windows Virtual PC.  there must be 
> something I installed with the latest cygwin that is doing this.
> /usr/bin/ls takes more than 36 seconds.
> When I vi a file, I have to go take a break and come back for it to be 
> open in the editor.
> any ideas?

The main thing I've ever observed to cause this kind of slowness is slow network shares, combined
with some kind of automatic searching.  Try unmounting any network shares, and maybe network
printers as well.  Automatic searching for network printers can be miserably slow.

I'm not sure exactly how any of that would directly affect Cygwin, but it's worth a look.

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