wtf? rxvt.exe

Fri Sep 16 18:49:00 GMT 2011

I had an rxvt.bat that I had used for some time, now it won't work.

What changed?

Also when I use the switch:  -e /usr/bin/bash it takes forever to open.

It looks like rxvt has changed or some command line switches removed.

Is it possible to check out the source code to see the changes and do an 
annotation to see who removed the switches and why it was not make 
backwards compatible?

This is really chewing into my morning development time, to just get a 
freaking terminal to open.

If anyone has a recent rxvt command line that works very nicely for them 
(login shell so I get all my aliases / paths - .bash_profile settings), 
that would be just fantastic.


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