How do I run a program compiled in cygwin from a program that is running in a Windows CMD shell?

Andrew DeFaria
Fri Sep 16 05:47:00 GMT 2011

On 09/15/11 10:28, Ted Byers wrote:
> LMH<lmh_users-groups<at>>  writes:
>> I am a bit confused as to the role of perl here.
> Hi LMH
> Thanks
> I have an installation of Apache's httpd server; directly from the Apache
> website, not the one available through cygwin (in fact, there'd be no point
> since that apache install is on a different machine).  And I run a number of
> cgi programs written in perl.  That is one role for perl in this setup.
Either stay in the Cygwin world, using an Apache that understands thinks 
like POSIX paths and symlink or stay *out* of the Cygwin world with the 
Windows version of ActiveState Perl and Apache which knows nothing about 
POSIX paths, symlinks and the like. It is your best bet. You can cross 
the two worlds but you need to be fully cognizant of when you are 
crossing the boundary and do (as the Indian head hunters say) "the 
needful" to cross such boundaries.
> The other for perl is for my I have a stripped down, basic HTTP Server written
> in perl.
Why would you write a web server in Perl and, as you have stated, 
install a Windows version of Apache?
>    I know, I can probably develop the same thing using boost's asio
> library,
>   but in this case, perl and the http server package are so simple to
> use, I opted for it.  But I developed it using Activestate's Perl
> distribution.  In fact, though I know perl is installed in in my cygwin
> environment, I never bothered with it because Activestate's perl package
> manager has made it so simple to install the hundreds of perl packages that I
> use.  I shudder at the thought of trying to install the same suite of packages
> using cpan from the bash commandline.
You actually *use* "hundreds of perl packages"??? Methinks you should 
rethink your development environment!

Have you researched cpan bundles?

ActiveState may have it's PPM facility but the vast majority of CPAN 
contributors are Unix/Linux based and care not about PPM.
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