How do I run a program compiled in cygwin from a program that is running in a Windows CMD shell?

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Thu Sep 15 18:42:00 GMT 2011

On 9/15/2011 1:28 PM, Ted Byers wrote:
> LMH<lmh_users-groups<at>>  writes:


>> I have compiled under
>> cygwin g++ for a long time now and don't run into problems. Are you
>> using the -mno-cygwin flag in your compile rules? I have two processes,
>> where one is a child of the the processed that gets launched, but both
>> are in c. Maybe it is better to address your issue in the c part of the
>> application, possibly create a little c launcher app that will create
>> the behavior you need.
> What, exactly, does '-mno-cygwin' do?
> BTW: With gcc v 4.5.3, using 'G++ -mno-cygwin' followed by the other
> commandline arguements needed to compile something results in an error where
> it complains '-mno-cygwin' is no longer valid (I forget the exact wording, but
> that is the gist of the error message I got).

Right. '-mno-cygwin' is not a supported flag for gcc with version 4.  It was
there to allow a kind of cross compiler that targets Win32 instead of
Cygwin.  This is obviously not what you want anyway so it's of no
consequence to you that the flag has been removed. :-)  There are now
actual cross compilers available in Cygwin for gcc 4 that serve the purpose
of the old '-mno-cygwin' flag.



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