plotting from octave: address space already occupied, fork aborts

Thu Sep 15 15:05:00 GMT 2011

Marco atzeri <marco.atzeri <at|| writes:
|On 9/15/2011 4:28 AM, Paul wrote:
|| Marco atzeri<marco.atzeri<at||  writes:
||| I suspect your Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit is using more space
||| than rebaseall and cygwin expects.
||| After the plot error could you check the octave PID with
||| ps and attach a copy of
||| /proc/OCTAVE_PID/maps
||| file ?
||| It should give us an idea of unavailable address space on your system
||| due to the MS system and other programs dll's.
|| I made a mistake, it's actually Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit.
|| The workplace has an atmosphere of vigilence toward sharing info about
|| work related assets in the open.  I will try to duplicate the problem
|| at home and post the specified details.
       <...some time later...>
|| Unfortunately, duplicating it at home is a no-go.  I am running into a
|| different problem between octave and gnuplot on Windows 7 Professional
|| 64-bit.  The problem seems to be accurately captured by someone else's
|| account .
| that problem should be solved using a cygwin snapshot dll
| instead of 1.7.9-1 one.

Oh, yes....I didn't use a snapshot at home because I didn't have to
deal with the issue of creating, or writing to, network files.

| I should look in all the bug reports reporting cygwin as "OS", thank
| for the link.
|| I'm going to treat octave as a strictly nongraphical application for
|| the time being.
| you can try to use the fltk plotting interface instead of gnuplot
| default one:
|    graphics_toolkit("fltk")
|    x=1:10;
|    plot(x,x)
| Be aware that the octave "print" command does not work with fltk,
| but you should be able to make a windows "print screen copy".

As it turns out, I was able to access Matlab at work today (that's
where I really need the app).  Your solution is great for future
reference, since I won't always have access to the floating license.


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