automated cygwin install

Andrew Schulman
Sat Sep 10 04:46:00 GMT 2011

> > setup.exe ^
> > --no-shortcuts ^
> > --quiet-mode ^
> > --disable-buggy-antivirus ^
> > --packages ^
> > aria2,^
> > atool,^
> > autoconf,^
> > automake,^
> > autossh,^
> Step 2: A script that can write out such a script to clone an existing 
> installation.  Just translate the contents of /etc/setup/installed.db to 
> the form --packages wants.
> Step 3: Modify the script to find the last-used setup.ini (registry?), 
> put the packages there into a dependency graph, then compute the minimum 
> set of packages needed to clone the installation.

It's a good idea.  As I think about a tool that would write such a script, and
how it would work, it seems to me that the right tool for it would be setup.exe
itself.  Imagine if, besides the current 3 modes of operation (Download,
Install, and Download and Install), there were a 4th mode:  Write setup script.
The user could then go through the list of packages as usual, selecting the ones
s/he wanted.  At the end, instead of installing Cygwin, setup would just emit
the script, which the user could then immediately run on that host or any other

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