automated cygwin install

Andrew Schulman
Fri Sep 9 13:52:00 GMT 2011

I just had to reinstall Cygwin on a reimaged computer, and decided to finally tackle the automated
installation.  I didn't find any recent posts on the topic, so here's my solution.

In a new installation, we have to write an (ugh) MSDOS CMD script, since bash isn't available.  One
way around that would be to install just the base, then run a bash script, but I decided to bite the
bullet and write a CMD script that would do it all in one go.

Here's what mine looks like:

setup.exe ^
--no-shortcuts ^
--quiet-mode ^
--disable-buggy-antivirus ^
--packages ^

and so on.  Two things to notice:

* The caret (^) character at the end of every line is CMD's line continuation character.  (Maybe you
already knew that, but not being very experienced with CMD, I had to look around to find it out.)

* The list of package names is comma-delimited.  This doesn't seem to be documented anywhere in the
setup help, but the --packages option expects a comma-delimited list of package names.  If you
space-delimit them, only the first one will be installed and the rest will be ignored.

Nirvana.  A one-click new Cygwin installation, with all of my favorite packages.  I hope it's useful
to others.


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