cygwin started speaking German today

Bruno Haible
Thu Sep 8 21:58:00 GMT 2011

Andy Koppe wrote:
> Cygwin isn't Windows; it's a POSIX environment on top of Windows.
> Taking the Regional Settings control panel into account might well
> make sense, but it ought to be left to the Cygwin developers to decide
> on this and implement it centrally.

And it is the duty of the gettext package to provide an optimal
internationalization experience to end users for packages that use

> Cygwin developers decided that the system
> default locale in case neither the relevant LC_* nor LANG are set
> should also be "C.UTF-8".

It's better for the end user if the POSIX default locale depends on
the "Regional settings" panel. I regret that I have not been present
at that discussion and that I had not understood the relation between
setlocale (LC_ALL, "") and the "Regional settings" panel at that time.

In memoriam Elisabeth von Thadden <>

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