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Luke Kendall
Tue Sep 6 00:59:00 GMT 2011

Buchbinder, Barry (NIH/NIAID) [E] wrote:
> Luke Kendall wrote on Sunday, September 04, 2011, at 11:16 PM
>> In my previous mail I may have used the wrong term ("package"): the term 
>> "package" seems to refer to each .tar.bz2 file (for the source and 
>> install files of each version).  So perhaps I should instead be talking 
>> about "@-names" - the name that appears after an "@" in setup.ini.
>> Anyway, this is all related to me trying to determine the licenses for 
>> each Cygwin "@-name".  What I've found so far is that:
>> - Most cygwin @-names are simply the upstream "vendor"s project name.
>> - But it's not rare for the name not to match at all.  This seems to 
>> happen when a parent Freshmeat project is split into several cygwin 
>> "@-named" pieces: in that situation, I can't find any automatable way to 
>> tie the child names back to the parent.  E.g. libncurses9 is a cygwin 
>> item from within the ncurses freshmeat project; or  libintl, 
>> libintl{2,3,8} in cygwin, which are all part of the gettext project on 
>> Freshmeat.  Currently I'm resorting to human inspection.
>> I'd love to know if there's some way to determine this kind of 
>> parent-child relationship.  Is there some setup.hint or upset or genini 
>> file or info lurking around (where?) that I could scrape such 
>> information out of?
> The directory structure of the download release directory might help.
> It is in the "install" line.  Using your gettext/libintl example:
> install: release/gettext/libintl8/libintl8- 24375 bf501b540c768d63358426686c615530
> Here's a start:
> cat setup.ini | \
> sed	-e '/^install: /!d'\
> 	-e '/\/_obsolete\//d' \
> 	-e 's,^install: release/,,' \
> 	-e 's,/[^/]*$,,' \
> 	-e 's,^GNOME/,,' \
> 	-e 's,^KDE/,,' \
> 	-e 's,^X\.Org/,,' \
> 	-e 's,^X11/,,' | \
> tr / ' ' | \
> sort -u

Ah, I see - thank you. I hadn't imagined it could be that simple! Using 
it to assess what see package groups besides GNOME etc. need to be 
included in the regexps, it looks like just db, libggi, and mingw - does 
that seem right?

: [luke@calixa] .../cygwin-rc; cat setup.ini | sed -e '/^install: /!d' 
-e '/\/_obsolete\//d' -e 's,^install: release/,,' -e 's,/[^/]*$,,' -e 
's,^GNOME/,,' -e 's,^KDE/,,' -e 's,^X\.Org/,,' -e 's,^X11/,,' | tr / ' ' 
| sort -u | grep ' .* '
db db2 libdb2
db db2 libdb2-devel
db db3.1 libdb3.1
db db3.1 libdb3.1-devel
db db4.1 libdb4.1
db db4.1 libdb4.1-devel
db db4.2 libdb4.2
db db4.2 libdb4.2-devel
db db4.3 libdb4.3
db db4.3 libdb4.3-devel
libggi libggi2 libggi2-devel
libggi libggi2 libggi2-display-aa
libggi libggi2 libggi2-display-file
libggi libggi2 libggi2-display-terminfo
libggi libggi2 libggi2-display-x
libggi libggi2 libggi2-samples
libggi libggimisc2 libggimisc2-devel
libggi libggimisc2 libggimisc2-samples
libggi libggiwmh0 libggiwmh0-devel
libggi libggiwmh0 libggiwmh0-display-x
libggi libggiwmh0 libggiwmh0-samples
libggi libgii1 libgii1-devel
libggi libgii1 libgii1-input-x
mingw mingw-bzip2 mingw-libbz2_1

And you've also improved my sed knowledge - I'd never noticed the 
/regexp/! construct before!

> - Barry
>   Disclaimer: Statements made herein are not made on behalf of NIAID.



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