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Buchbinder, Barry (NIH/NIAID) [E]
Mon Sep 5 15:39:00 GMT 2011

Luke Kendall wrote on Sunday, September 04, 2011, at 11:16 PM
>In my previous mail I may have used the wrong term ("package"): the term 
>"package" seems to refer to each .tar.bz2 file (for the source and 
>install files of each version).  So perhaps I should instead be talking 
>about "@-names" - the name that appears after an "@" in setup.ini.
>Anyway, this is all related to me trying to determine the licenses for 
>each Cygwin "@-name".  What I've found so far is that:
>- Most cygwin @-names are simply the upstream "vendor"s project name.
>- But it's not rare for the name not to match at all.  This seems to 
>happen when a parent Freshmeat project is split into several cygwin 
>"@-named" pieces: in that situation, I can't find any automatable way to 
>tie the child names back to the parent.  E.g. libncurses9 is a cygwin 
>item from within the ncurses freshmeat project; or  libintl, 
>libintl{2,3,8} in cygwin, which are all part of the gettext project on 
>Freshmeat.  Currently I'm resorting to human inspection.
>I'd love to know if there's some way to determine this kind of 
>parent-child relationship.  Is there some setup.hint or upset or genini 
>file or info lurking around (where?) that I could scrape such 
>information out of?

The directory structure of the download release directory might help.
It is in the "install" line.  Using your gettext/libintl example:
install: release/gettext/libintl8/libintl8- 24375 bf501b540c768d63358426686c615530

Here's a start:

cat setup.ini | \
sed	-e '/^install: /!d'\
	-e '/\/_obsolete\//d' \
	-e 's,^install: release/,,' \
	-e 's,/[^/]*$,,' \
	-e 's,^GNOME/,,' \
	-e 's,^KDE/,,' \
	-e 's,^X\.Org/,,' \
	-e 's,^X11/,,' | \
tr / ' ' | \
sort -u

- Barry
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