shutdown doesn't do anything, winXP

Fri Sep 2 17:27:00 GMT 2011

Using the full path was successful.

As an aside, why does which shutdown return /usr/bin/shutdown when the 
shutdown app is located in /bin/shutdown? What value does the /usr part 
of the path have in this context?

I suppose I should use force, but I never have anything running when I 
run the backup script that this is part of.


Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Sep  1 14:51, LMH wrote:
>> I have a bash script that runs rsync and I have been trying to add a
>> command to shutdown the computer after the backup has finished
>> running.
>> I have added,
>> shutdown -s now
>> and also tried,
>> shutdown -s 5
>> shutdown -x now
>> shutdown -x 5
>> but the computer doesn't shut down. Running which shutdown gives me,
>> /usr/bin/shutdown
>> so I know its there.
>> Any suggestions?
> Try the -f/--force option.  Note that shutdown can succeed even if the
> machine won't actually shutdown.  See, for instance, the remarks section
> on
> Corinna

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