Request locale for ISO 8601 date.

Oleksandr Gavenko
Thu Sep 1 17:19:00 GMT 2011

  $ for l in `locale -a`; do echo $l `LC_TIME=$l date`; done | tee .dat
  $ grep -E '[[:digit:]]+-[[:digit:]]+-[[:digit:]]+ 
+[[:digit:]]+:[[:digit:]]+:[[:digit:]]+' <.dat
sq_AL 2011-09-01 8:14:09.MD
sq_AL.utf8 2011-09-01 8:14:09.MD

but this is not ISO 8601 as '.MD' component present...

Usually 'LC_TIME' set to 'en_DK' to get ISO 8601 time format
but Cygwin miss this locale.

It is possible install locale to get ISO 8601 date formatting?

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