Cygwin package naming?

Luke Kendall
Thu Sep 1 01:43:00 GMT 2011

Can someone with some official Cygwin standing tell me how the Cygwin 
package names correspond with the "official" names of the packages, 
chosen by the package owners?  In other words, how are the Cygwin 
package names determined?  (My hope is that the "official" name is used, 
possibly with "cygwin" added to it in some form.)

I'm asking because I'm finding Cygwin packages that contain no license 
information, at least in the compiled form (e.g. gawk, libiconv2).  So 
I'm thinking that in such cases, I can modify my Cygwin license-finding 
script to look up the package by name on freshmeat and try to find the 
license from there.

But that is pointless if the Cygwin package name may have the same name 
as a freshmeat package, but is in fact some other software.



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