Request update of TCL and expect packages

Marco Atzeri
Wed Oct 26 20:27:00 GMT 2011

On 10/26/2011 6:50 PM, Chris Sutcliffe wrote:
> On 25 October 2011 13:37, Craig Miller wrote:
>> Hello Chris Sutcliffe&    Christopher Faylor,
> Not sure how I can help with this, TCL and expect are cgf's domain.
> Cheers,
> Chris

After chatting with Craig I dug the archives and
I presume the main issue is how to upgrade tcl/tk
and all the packages that depend froms it
assuming that everything works and nothing is broken.
The problem was already mentioned long time ago

and it is one of the most recorrent ones.

There are currently 19 packages depending from tcltk,
"brltty" is probably the most sensitive from this point of view.

The separation of insight from gdb seems one of the key step
that cgf is taking to solve this long time problem

but I have no idea wich are the other blocking points.

About expect Cgf was looking long time ago a volunteer
so this package will likely wait the tcltk upgrade


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