General question on the status of named pipes

Eric Blake
Mon Oct 24 17:55:00 GMT 2011

On 10/24/2011 06:51 AM, Nathan Thern wrote:
> I have several scripts that use named pipes for the purpose of
> processing sound files. I use them on both linux and cygwin. After the
> switch to cygwin1.7 I converted most of them to the use of tempfiles.
> Nevertheless, when encountering old scripts in my archives or when
> trying to create efficient new scripts I find myself wishing named
> pipes still worked; they are one of the more powerful unix-ish
> paradigms.
> What's the status/priority of getting named pipes to work in 1.7? And,
> just for curiosity's sake, what was the fundamental change in 1.7 that
> caused them to stop working? -- They worked great in 1.5.

Actually, named pipes have _never_ worked, at least according to the 
full set of POSIX rules.  It's just that some releases had code that 
limped along better than in other releases for the particular use cases 
you happened to throw at them.  cgf is working miracles to get it as far 
along as he has, but it's a very tough job to emulate POSIX fifos on top 
of windows.

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