General question on the status of named pipes

Nathan Thern
Mon Oct 24 12:51:00 GMT 2011

I have several scripts that use named pipes for the purpose of
processing sound files. I use them on both linux and cygwin. After the
switch to cygwin1.7 I converted most of them to the use of tempfiles.
Nevertheless, when encountering old scripts in my archives or when
trying to create efficient new scripts I find myself wishing named
pipes still worked; they are one of the more powerful unix-ish

What's the status/priority of getting named pipes to work in 1.7? And,
just for curiosity's sake, what was the fundamental change in 1.7 that
caused them to stop working? -- They worked great in 1.5.

Cygwin is a great tool, and I'm constantly grateful for it's existence.


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