no output vim and wget

Sun Oct 23 03:15:00 GMT 2011

Neusbeer wrote:
> Hello,
> just today something changed in my installation.
> but can't figure out what's wrong.
> when I type wget or vim it responses with nothing just a linebreak.
> Can somebody help me.
> I did some updating this week with setup.exe and got a kinda messed up 
> /etc/profile
> here cygcheck rapport:
> I use cygwin now for month or 6, and it could be that a lot of things 
> are messed up ;-)
> Still learning.. grinn..
> -Neusbeer
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  cygcheck vim

Make sure that you export PATH 
and that it contains all necessary  cygwin's  (and mightbe windoze's) paths.
Your cygcheck.txt looks good up to possibly "L:" and "C:\WINDOWS.0\...."
Also try reverting to standart minimal PATH or put all unusual paths
to the end (including /usr/local/... and stuff like Hacking).

If that fails, try 'depends', or start plain windows cmd console, and try 
  set PATH=c:\cygwin\bin;c:\cygwin\usr\bin    (plus nothing more or
something, or ;%PATH%)
  gvim          (gvim, not vim )
Outside of cygwin, windows might report missing DLL's.

Does this help?

Salvage your /etc/profile from /etc/defaults/etc/profile
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