[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: rebase-4.0.0-1

Jason Tishler jason@tishler.net
Sat Oct 22 16:08:00 GMT 2011

New News:
=== ====
I have updated the version of rebase to 4.0.0-1.  The tarballs should be
available on a Cygwin mirror near you shortly.

The following are the changes since the previous release:

    * rebase and peflags now support operations on 64 bit objects.

    * New rebase database functionality (see README).

    * New developer application rebase-dump for displaying database contents.

    * New platform support: x86_64-w64-mingw32, i686-pc-msys.

    * peflags now supports short options for almost all flags.
      peflags -v prints detailed information about the flags set in the
      file header.

    * rebase now supports long options including improved -h/--help

    * rebase -s/--database allows to keep a database of rebased DLLs.
      This information is used in subsequent calls with the -s/--database
      option to keep the entire list of DLLs in a good shape, address-wise.

    * rebase -i/--info prints base address and size of DLLs given on
      the command line, sorted by base address.  A trailing '*' in the
      last column is printed if a DLL collides with another adjacent DLL
      in the list.  rebase -i -s can be used to check if the DLLs in the
      database are still in a good shape.

    * On Cygwin, rebase actively avoids colliding with the Cygwin DLL
      it is running under.

    * rebaseall skips mingw directories automatically.

    * rebaseall now uses the new rebase database facility.

    * The imagehelper library has been much improved:
      - Now supports reading and rebasing 64 bit binaries.
      - New functions ReBaseImage64 and GetImageInfos64.
      - Support long paths up to 32K characters.
      - General API cleanup.

I would like to thank Corinna Vinschen and Chuck Wilson for providing
all of the above features, improvements, and changes.

Old News:
=== ====
The Cygwin rebase distribution contains four utilities: rebase,
rebaseall, peflags, and peflagsall.  The first utility is modeled after
Microsoft's SDK rebase while the rebaseall utility is a convenient way
for users that suffer from the Cygwin rebase problem to rebase their
entire system (i.e., all of their DLLs).

Please read the README file:


since it covers requirements, usage, known issues, etc.

Standard News:
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system.  Then, run setup and answer all of the questions.

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