Contributing license information?

Luke Kendall
Thu Oct 20 03:49:00 GMT 2011

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Aug 19 11:09, Luke Kendall wrote:
>> Soon, I will have prepared a list of the location of every license
>> file in every Cygwin package.  My motivation is to make it easy for
>> people to find the license information, if they need it.
>> (Preparing this information has required a lot of work on my part,
>> so I would be happy if something could be done to make it easy to
>> keep the information up to date as packages are added and modified.)
>> What is the best way to contribute the license-location information
>> so it can be integrated into Cygwin?
> Just create a new package for the distro which keeps the information
> and maintain it.  Somebody will have to keep the information up to date
> anyway.
> Corinna

Is usr/share/doc/common-licenses/ within the "base-files" package, 
supposed to be the place where all license information is collected?  
Should I just use that?

I only today noticed

I believe usr/share/doc/common-licenses/ lists many licenses that are 
not used in the base-files package.  I say that because it contains over 
a dozen licenses, even though base-files otherwise just contains a few 
shell scripts and skeleton files from etc/{defaults,postinstall, preremove}.

What do you think?



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