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Oleksandr Gavenko
Tue Oct 18 13:03:00 GMT 2011

18.10.2011 15:11, Casual Trash пишет:
> I have received a computer with some software already installed and I have to clean it up.
> One of those software is cygwin, I tried to follow the instructions but without success.
> 1. I can't locate the cygrunsrv: there is no file with this name and there is no command in the bash shell with this name!
> I have also checked the windows services but I can't find any of the mentioned services: sshd, cron,
> cygserver, inetd, apache,
> postgresql, etc
To remove services that installed by cygrunsrv install it again:

   cmd# setup.exe -p cygrunsrv

locate it and run shell prompt:

   cmd# cygrunsrv -L   # to list installed services
   cmd# cygrunsrv -R sshd   # to individually remove each installed service

Next you can remove whole cygwin installation directory...

That is.

> 2. I can't delete the cygwin folder because I receive the "Permission Denied" error, although I have marked all the files as not read only and changed the ownership to my account.
> Can somebody help me out?
This can happen because some process have open handles to this directory.

Try run procexp.exe Ctrl+F and type path to find and kill such processes...

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