cygwin started speaking German today

Corinna Vinschen
Mon Oct 17 13:58:00 GMT 2011

On Oct 17 15:51, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Oct 17 09:16, Charles Wilson wrote:
> The problem is that Bruno tries to impose Windows over Cygwin.  That's
> not what Cygwin is about.  Why can't he accept that?
> > [*] Bruno's "option a"
> > >  a) The system can set environment variables that reflect the regional
> > >     settings. For example, if the user has chosen German, Cygwin's
> > >     login process could set LANG to de_DE.UTF-8.
> > >
> > >     This approach is used in Linux desktops like KDE.
> > 
> > [**] Bruno's "option b"
> > >  b) The system's setlocale() function can, when the second argument is
> > >     the empty string and the respective environment variables don't
> > >     specify anything, fetch the value from the "Regional settings"
> > >     panel.
> > >
> > >     Cygwin could do that.
> That's what /etc/profile.d/ and lang.csh is about.

Oh, and, btw., even *if* that would be treated as a bug in Cygwin,
it's not a library's task to second guess over the head of the
underlying POSIX system, as cgf has pointed out already a while ago.

Consider libintl would do the same on Linux:  The user has set $LANG
to "C.UTF-8" and libintl would look into /etc/sysconfig/i18n and
override the user's decision.  Well, Linux applications usually use
glibc localization functions, so that won't happen, but I don't
think Bruno would have many friends in the Linux community...


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