cygwin started speaking German today

Corinna Vinschen
Mon Oct 17 06:59:00 GMT 2011

On Oct 16 14:42, Charles Wilson wrote:
> On 10/11/2011 12:54 PM, Charles Wilson wrote:
> >Consensus does appear to be unanimous on what to do; I just need to
> >review all the postings and figure out exactly /how/ to do it.
> I have uploaded the new packages.  There are three new patches:
> 1) modified localename.c significantly.  No longer "ignores"
> LANG=C.UTF-8; also does not try to do any parsing of the Windows
> I18N settings.  Basically, acts like linux -- if the value of the
> locale string isn't supported by the underlying setlocale()
> implementation, then it is ignored (e.g. default back to "C.UTF-8"
> or "C") -- libintl doesn't try to 'be smart' -- or to second-guess.
> Also, relies on cygwin's glibc-like setlocale(LC_*, NULL) behavior
> -- which has been supported by newlib since the cygwin 1.5 days
> (even if it always returned "C" back then).


> 2) Fixes to the test suite related to the above changes.
> 3) Adopted Bruno's upstream changes to relocatable.c, turning off
> "expensive" relocation support in libintl.
> Odds of #1 and #2 being adopted upstream are effectively nil, so...

I don't understand this.  It's very clear that the former, unfixed
behaviour is totally wrong for Cygwin, especially in terms of the
used charset.  I don't see why doing the right thing, using less special
cases for Cygwin in gettext/libintl should be unacceptable for upstream.


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