1.7.9-1 path issues

David Bartlett david.c.bartlett@ca.ibm.com
Thu Oct 13 16:45:00 GMT 2011


I have been searching for three days now for an answer to my issue and am 
only posting here as a last resort.

Recently I updated from a thinkpad T61 to a T410 and installed cygwin on 
it exactly as I had on the T61. The only
difference was that on the T61 I had an older version of cygwin installed 
(I'm not sure which one but it would have been
from around mid 2009).

Both laptops have Windows XP installed and Oracle 10G Express Edition.

in my .profile i have my HOME variable set as HOME=/home/dcbartlett

I have other variables set up in my profile that take the HOME value as a 

DC_ROOT=$HOME/bcystage/app/xform/DC_Scripts; export DC_ROOT
DC_REFRESH_MSG_FILE="$DC_ERROR/refresh_msgs.txt"; export 

I have unix scripts that use those variables and they call sqlplus which 
in turn uses those variables in spool commands.

The issue is that the logging the unix scripts perform works but the 
spooling from sqlplus does not.
If I change the HOME variable to HOME=C:/cygwin/home/dcbartlett the unix 
logging no longer
works but sqlplus spooling does.  In both cases I get file not found 

Setting HOME to C:/cygwin/home/dcbartlett worked for both unix and sqlplus 
on my old laptop (with the older version
of cygwin). And I don't recall doing anything funky to get that to work. 

Does anyone have any idea on how I can resolve this without having to 
create one set of 
variables for Oracle and one for Unix. I am not sure if this is a cygwin 
issue or an 
oracle issue.

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