Cygwin & WordNet???

Mon Oct 10 18:47:00 GMT 2011

gviewer wrote:
> Hello, I used to be able to install WordNet alone on my Windows machine.
> Recently I want to install wordnet on a new Windows 7 machine. However,
> The WordNet installer always triggers the cygwin installer. I don't want
> to do that. then I remove cygwin from my machine, but still I can't
> install wordnet without installing cygwin first.
> anybody has an idea on this? Thanks.

This is question about WordNet, not about cygwin. Ask there.

Some random ideas:
1. check with
    "I get the installation program for another, unrelated program"
    "This is a problem with InstallShield... [move] into an empty folder and
try again."

2. Might be this is not necessary for the very basic functionality, but the
website says
  you need gcc, make...
  If you need them, cygwin might be a good way to go.
  Or perhaps at least Tcl/Tk

Once more: Ask at WordNet.


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