1.7.9: login via ssh allows Administrator privileges

Michael Hoffman cygwin-hoffman@sneakemail.com
Sun Oct 9 00:25:00 GMT 2011

My user account is in the Administrators group, but has User Account Control
turned on. I've installed sshd and turned it on, ssh-host-config, and enabled
the Cygwin Local Security Authority authentication package with cyglsa-config.

When I log in via ssh I find I have Administrator privileges:

$ id -a
uid=1000(Michael) gid=513(None) groups=513(None),545(Users)

$ ssh localhost

# id -a
uid=1000(Michael) gid=513(None)

Is there a way to turn this off or remove myself from the Administrators and
root groups? I prefer not to have administrative access unless I explicitly
request it.

Cygcheck output: http://pastebin.com/S6CyKpaD

Many thanks,
Michael Hoffman

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