Writing to Windows Share issues fixed in cygwin1-20110829.dll.bz2

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Tue Oct 4 14:42:00 GMT 2011

On Sep 16 11:17, Keith Christian wrote:
> I was wrong.
> Only some improvement using the cygwin1-20110829.dll.bz2 snapshot.
> Problems still exist when trying to check in a file with RCS on this
> Windows share.
> Annotated test example below.  Apologies for not being brief.
> Any ideas appreciated.  However, progress has been made with the 0829
> snapshot, at least I can create files on this share......
> [...]
> # 11 - Comments:  Check testfile.1 into RCS - first indication of
> problems.  Unable to use the "testfile.1" name with a ",v" appended to
> it:
>     Fri Sep 16 10:31:35 (kchristian@laptop-pc)
> /cygdrive/z/foo/bar/baz>ci -l -m"Attempted check in using 20110829
> Cygwin snapshot" -t-"Testing new cygwin snapshot to see if it fixes
> Windows Share writing difficulties" ./testfile.1
>     ./RCS/testfile.1,v  <--  ./testfile.1
>     initial revision: 1.1
>     ci: ./RCS/testfile.1,v: Permission denied
>     ci: saved in ./RCS/_0qrsNBd

That's weird.  The fact that you can create and write the _0qrsNBd
file shows that the write permission issue is fixed.  It seems that
renaming the file to testfile.1,v fails, but it's not clear why this
should happen.

What kind of share is that (/usr/lib/csih/getVolInfo /cygdrive/z)?

Does manual renaming the _0qrsNBd file work?

Does deleteing the _0qrsNBd file work?

Can you reproduce this situation from scratch and call the ci
command under strace, like this

  strace -o ci.trace ci -l -mfoo ./testfile.1

and send the strace output here?


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