scp Counters seem to freeze

Blaine Miller
Tue May 31 21:35:00 GMT 2011


I'm using cygwin 1.7.7 on a Win2k3 R2 system. When I scp a file from a 
remote host running RHEL 4.7, e.g.:

Administrator@sm-i222 /cygdrive/d/somedir

scp root@linux_host:/someotherdir/some.file .


The percentage, transfer amount, rate and transfer times all start out 
registering in the cygwin console window. The rate seems very low/slow. 
Then when the transfer reaches somewhere in the amount of 10%, all the 
counters seem to lock/freeze at their respective rates/amounts.

When I open another terminal window on the cygwin system, I see the 
actual file size increasing in the target directory. Indeed, it looks as 
if more data had been transferring faster than the counters showed. The 
link between the two systems is via a 1GB copper switched fabric. That 
is 1GB NIC's in each system going through 1 GB ports on a Cisco Switch.

The scp does appear to complete as the counters will suddenly go to 100% 
and when I ls -al the ../somedir/some.file on the cygwin host will show 
the same correct byte counts between the source file and the target file.

Is this normal behavior? When I do a linux to linux scp, the counters 
work correctly. Should I expect this from the cygwin scp?


Blaine Miller

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