Does Latex/Tex install? Does Latex/Tex work? How do you get it installed? How do you get it to work?

Ryan Johnson
Thu May 26 19:17:00 GMT 2011

On 26/05/2011 2:33 PM, Lee Rothstein wrote:
> I have never been able to get the Tex stuff to work. I've never
> even been able to install it successfully.
> I admit it, I'm a dolt.
> Anybody have the "magic beans" on this?
> I've tried installing and reinstalling. Never can get it to work.
As it happens, I'm running tetex as we speak. It's never been a problem 
for me, except the time I had MikTex in my cygwin path and the two 
fought. I don't know anything about ec-fonts or jadetex, though. Here 
are the cygwin packages I have installed:

tetex                   3.0.0-3
tetex-base              3.0.0-3
tetex-bin               3.0.0-3
tetex-extra             3.0.0-3
tetex-tiny              3.0.0-3

> Problem reports:
You didn't say what OS or version of cygwin you're running, but assuming 
it's 1.7 you might try a fresh install to, say, c:\cygwin-tex, which 
includes only the base packages and tetex. It won't harm your existing 
install in any way, and you should be able to use the saved packages 
from previous downloads rather than having to download again.

If that works you probably have a corrupted cygwin installation (which 
would make sense given all the strange errors you mention); if it 
doesn't work then something really weird is going on.


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