CYGWIN=tty round 2

Christopher Faylor
Sun May 22 21:19:00 GMT 2011

I don't think we saw anyone step forward with a valid reason why they
needed to use CYGWIN=tty over something like "mintty".

I've summarized the thread where Corinna asked why people used CYGWIN=tty
over CYGWIN=notty below.

I don't see any showstoppers here so unless people can provide specific
examples of how this change would cause hardwhip, we'll be removing
CYGWIN=tty in a snapshot near you soon.


0) There was some confusion over what Corinna meant by CYGWIN=notty.

Response: Corinna thought (as did I) that people would understand that
CYGWIN=notty is the default.  It's what you get if you haven't added
"tty" to the CYGWIN environment variable.  And, if you don't know what
any of that means then this whole discussion is not something that you
have to worry about.

1) People thought that because CYGWIN=tty was mentioned in an example in
the documentation, it was actually a recommendation.

Response: It was not a recommendation (if it was it would have been the
default).  It has been removed from the documentation.

2) screen needs CYGWIN=tty for reattach to work.

Response: Use "mintty".  Or, possibly proposed changes for 9 below will
cause reattach to work with screen.

3) emacs requires CYGWIN=tty for CTRL-C to work.

Response: Use "mintty".  Long-term possibly get CTRL-C working with the
cygwin console.

4) sshd requires CYGWIN=tty.

Response: Pure unadulterated rumor.  This was never the case unless you
needed to inexplicably slow down sshd for some unknown reason.

5) brltty might need it.

Response: brltty doesn't need it.

6) "It made something I cared about work properly and four M$ operating
systems later..."

Response: Use mintty or provide a specific example of failure.

7) There's a bug in Cygwin's console handling.

Response: We'll (eventually) fix the bug.

8) "Not a power user and don't understand the question"

Response: Don't worry about it then.  You probably aren't using the setting.

9) With CYGWIN=tty, each console window gets its own /dev/ttyN.  For
console windows everything gets /dev/console and, so, there is no way to
distinguish between console windows.

Response: Cygwin will be changed to cause each console window to have its own
unique /dev/consN numbering, similar to /dev/ttyN.

10) The non-cygwin application "jam" inexplicably seems to require it for proper

Response: One workaround was suggested when dealing with console mode but it
seems that mintty would also cause jam to work ok as well.

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