-a $HOME/.bashrc and -a ~/.bashrc produce different results

Lee Maschmeyer lee_maschmeyer@wayne.edu
Thu May 19 20:55:00 GMT 2011

Hi all,

For most uses, $HOME and ~ produce identical results. For example, ls $HOME 
or ls ~ are the same. But the following script fails:


for i in "$HOME/.bashrc" "~/.bashrc" ; do
    echo $i
    if [ -a "$i" ]; then
 echo "-a worked"
 echo "-a didn't work"

    if [ -e "$i" ]; then
 echo "-e worked"
 echo "-e didn't work"

The $HOME cases work; the ~ cases fail.

Presumably I'm doing something nefarious but I can't figure out what. Here's 
my ID's line from /etc/passwd:


As far as I can tell I've done everything right, but I can't believe I've 
discovered a bug! I think I _am_ the bug. :-)

Thanks for any help,

Lee Maschmeyer
Wayne State University Computing Center
5925 Woodward, #281
Detroit MI 48202
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