Charles Wilson
Thu May 19 18:39:00 GMT 2011

On 5/19/2011 2:20 PM, kathy3826 wrote:
> It is from online lectures on starting one program, 
> I typed make all and it says it compiled successfully,
> but it misses X Windows. 

Kathy, we STILL have no idea what you're talking about.  We now have a
few tiny nuggets of information:

1) mk_all might be a script to build ('starting') a particular program
   -- but it might ALSO be a script to build a number of additional
items needed by the program.  Or it might configure, and build using
autodetected options.

2) it might be similar to the effect of 'make all' but that doesn't
apparently correctly work for you

3) the particular program you're interesting in seems to require X
Windows to run, but not to compile (since it did compile successfully?)

'Course, we don't REALLY know what you mean by 'it misses X Windows':

1) anthropomorphic: it needs an X Windows server to run properly, can't
find one, and exits with an error message == "it 'misses' X Windows and
is very sad"

2) metaphorical: it is a graphical display system (like Berlin/Fresco or
Wayland) but when you run it, its performance is not up to the standard
of X Windows.

3) literal: it is a control program for an automated rifle aiming
system, using X Windows as target practice, but the bullet trajectory
drops below the target and hits Microsoft Windows instead.

We just can't tell.  Why don't you read this:
and this

and then start over?  Maybe if you posted a link to the "online lecture
series"...but, if you're trying to get us to do your class homework for
you (as often occurs on the general comp.programming newsgroups), you're
not going to be happy...


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