1.7.9 ssh on win7 Non-recoverable failure in name resolution ?

Mark Charney mark_charney@yahoo.com
Wed May 18 16:51:00 GMT 2011


ssh foo.company.com returns an error "ssh: Could not resolve hostname  
foo.company.com: Non-recoverable failure in name resolution"

I can ssh by using IP addresses.

C:/windows/system32/ping.exe resolves names

Cygwin's dig and nslookup commands work fine; they resolve names.

Cygwin's ssh and ping do not seem to be able to resolve hostnames under cygwin 
on win7/x64 (under vmware fusion with NAT).

Cygwin's ping returns the error: "ping: socket: Operation not permitted"

Seemed like some firewall permission setting somewhere? I tried turning off the 
windows firewall temporarily but that did not change things.

I see these threads but did not see a resolution to the issue


My cygwin installation is up-to-date (updated everything).

cygcheck attached (changed username & company to foobar everywhere)
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