xconfig: No such file or directory

Klonuo Umom klonuo@gmail.com
Sun May 15 04:24:00 GMT 2011

> you can use atlas/lapack supplied by cygwin (search for them using the
> search window of the
> install.exe)
> You probably don't really need atlas – it is just one of many
> implementations of lapack, and
> moreover IMHO it just does not build on Cygwin.

I searched in cygwin setup for atlas, but nothing came out. Now after 
your reply I searched for lapack and I can see it as option 

I need atlas as I wanted to build numpy and scipy on cygwin, but after 
couple hours trying to build other necessary to me Python packages I 
think all this is a bad idea 

BTW, 'xconfig' error was because of missing 'make'. I missed it somehow. 
I really don't know anything *nix related, but I've build occasionally 
on Msys/Mingw and Cygwin when there was no other option and building was


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