CMD.EXE able to create files in directories on a shared drive, but bash in cygwin is unable to

Keith Christian
Fri May 13 16:28:00 GMT 2011

I asked our Windows admin to check permissions on the share.  They are
the same as everyone else's.

I tried this entry in /etc/fstab, closed all Cygwin Bash windows,
opened a window, unable to create files in /cygdrive/z or
subdirectories within.

Z: /cygdrive/z ntfs binary,noacl 0 0

Even when I own the directory, still cannot create anything within it.
 I don't understand why the directories all have 700 permission.  I
also can't chmod 755 any directories either:

Fri May 13 10:23:27 (kchristian@some-machine) /cygdrive/z>ls -dl vimfiles/
drwx------+ 1 kchristian Domain Users 0 Aug  9  2010 vimfiles/

Fri May 13 10:23:30 (kchristian@some-machine) /cygdrive/z>touch vimfiles/foo2
touch: cannot touch `vimfiles/foo2': Permission denied

Fri May 13 10:23:35 (kchristian@some-machine) /cygdrive/z>getfacl -a
-d ./vimfiles/
# file: ./vimfiles/
# owner: kchristian
# group: Domain Users

I may ask our Windows Admin to open a BASH window on my workstation
with "Run As....Administrator" privileges, and ask him to chmod 755
all directories.


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