CMD.EXE able to create files in directories on a shared drive, but bash in cygwin is unable to

Corinna Vinschen
Thu May 12 21:41:00 GMT 2011

On May 12 15:17, Keith Christian wrote:
> Corinna, the bash.trace output is attached.  Thank you for checking
> into this problem.

But I can't really help.  The problem is that the Windows call to open
tjhe file simply fails:

39  146109 [main] bash 2020 fhandler_base::open: C0000022 = NtCreateFile (0x0
, 40160080, \??\Z:\.cpan\build\foo2, io, NULL, 80, 7, 5, 4020, NULL, 0)

The return value C0000022 is STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED which is equivalent
to the Windows error 5, ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED.

The requested access bits are:


Maybe your server settings don't like the WRITE_DAC part?  As I said, I
tried it with identical directory permissions and share permissions
"Change" for everyone, the server was XP SP3.  What server machine are
you running and what are the share settings of that share?  Is your
account a normal user account or an admin account?


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