Copy to network UNC path from crontab works in non-production, not in production

Thu May 12 00:50:00 GMT 2011

cygwin 1.7.7-1
Windows 2008 64-bit

I have a script that I am trying to run from cron that copies a local file
on a Windows 2008 server to a UNC path on another Windows 2008 server.  It
works fine in a non-Production environment, but not in Production and I
can't figure out why.  Yes, I've dutifully searched the forum and looked at

The answer is not popping out at me.  What I'm doing is basically this:

cp a.a \\\\server-name\\sharename

What I get in Production is:

cp: cannot create regular file `//server-name/sharename': File exists

But the file does not exist.  I'm using the same Windows account on both the
source and target servers in both environments and they have the same
password on both servers.  I don't see any differences between the
non-Production and Production environments.  I considered installing Cygwin
on the target server in Production (even though it's not needed), so I did a
test in a non-Production environment and it didn't work, so I haven't
pursued that path.
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