how to use windres.exe without installing cygwin?

Wed May 11 10:15:00 GMT 2011

Hi Corinna,

thanks for your answer.
Of course I'm aware of GPL. I'll provide it with source code.

>You can't.  Windres is a Cygwin tool using the Cygwin DLL.  Gcc is a
>Cygwin tool using the Cygwin DLL.  Either you provide *all* the stuff
>required to run the script (and don't forget to provide the sources as
>well), or you let the user install Cygwin via setup.exe.  This is the
>preferred method anyway.

How can I find "the stuff required to run the script"?
Even if I copy all files to another computer it does not work. (I set proper
PATH, of course.)
Is there any other stuff that cygwin requires and where can I find it?

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