can modify file on network drive, but cannot create files

Thomas Wolff
Wed May 11 07:35:00 GMT 2011

> Hi Thomas,
> Thanks a lot for your email!
> The remote server runs Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise.
> I have not exceeded the quota.
> Cygwin cannot delete files on H in both root and sub directories.
> Xianwen
OK, in your first message you wrote you can delete but not create files 
which would have been strange.
That you can neither delete nor create files (but still existing files) 
is actually more normal (in terms of Unix-like permission).
Just check the permissions of the directory, they should include write 
access for you. If you are the owner, you can easily change that with 
chmod +w /cygdrive/h. If you are not the owner of your own network 
directory, ask your server administrator to fix that.

> On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 9:12 AM, Thomas Wolff<>  wrote:
>>> Hi Cygwiners,
>>> I need a hint.
>>> The network drive (\server\) is mounted as H:\.
>>> Cygwin can access files on H drive; can modify/delete files on H
>>> drive; however, it cannot create files. The program says permission
>>> denied.
>>> Do I need to write some configuration files?
>>> Xianwen
>> What kind of network file system is it?
>> Assuming a Unix-like permission system, it is quite surprising that you can
>> delete files but not create any.
>> Or maybe you can delete (and create) files in a subdirectory but not create
>> (and delete) in the root directory H:\?
>> Otherwise it might be due to some unusual ACL settings on the remote side,
>> or maybe you have exceeded your quota (amount of allowed capacity) on the
>> remote server? Ask the administrator.
>> ------
>> Thomas
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