how to use windres.exe without installing cygwin?

Tue May 10 14:23:00 GMT 2011


I write a script using windres.exe and want to distribute it.
But I couldn't find which files schould I include in my package.

It seems that windres.exe calls sh.exe and sh.exe calls gcc.exe.
At first I deleted cygwin path from environment variable and copied
following files in script folder.


Then it worked in my computer(win7).

But when I tried to test in other computer(vista), it did not work, and put
out following error:

/bin/sh: /usr/bin/gcc: cannot execute binary file
/usr/bin/windres: preprocessing failed.

I tried also in cmd.exe following line, but occurred same error.
c:\copiedcygwin\bin\windres.exe a.rc -o a.res

For the test I copied all files under the cygwin folder from Win7 to Vista.
But it does not work still.

I know if I install cygwin from setup.exe to Vista, then I can use
But I don't want to let all users to install cygwin. 

Is there someone who knows how to include windres.exe in a software without
installing cygwin? %-|

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