Who's using "CYGWIN=tty" and why?

Lee Maschmeyer lee_maschmeyer@wayne.edu
Tue May 10 13:39:00 GMT 2011

Christopher wrote:

>Ok, it sounds like there is no need whatsoever to set CYGWIN=tty with
>brltty.  That is good news.

According to what Ken wrote, emacs won't work as well. This would be very 
distressing, though I haven't verified it personally.

>I'd be pretty surprised if it was the case since if CYGWIN=tty *was*
>required then it seems like mintty would work too since the difference
>between the ptys that mintty uses and CYGWIN=tty mode is very small.

According to one whole trial it's large enough to convince brltty not to 
deal with the window. This is suggestive but hardly conclusive. I'll try 

>Has anyone tried running brltty without setting CYGWIN=tty?

Just now. So far I haven't noticed any problems but this is even less 
significant. I guess "notty" was meant to say that tty should not be 
mentioned at all in the $CYGWIN variable. I'll remove it and see what 

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