Help! How to find newlib?

Xin Jin
Tue May 10 07:55:00 GMT 2011

Hallo all,

i'm using cygwin 1.7 for porting of a c/c++ written program from linux on 
windows and want to get an executable file which is independable with cygwin. 
This program needs "glibc" (the standard c library), particuly the pread, 
pwrite function inside it. It is described in the cygwin user's guide that 
newlib instead of glibc is used in cygwin. So the questions are:

Is newlib already included in cygwin? But i can't find it with the 
unix-command find / -name "newlib" in my cygwin directory. Or some packages 
must be selected in the cygwin to get the "newlib"? 

Please help me!

best regards

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