Fwd: octave updated to 3.4.0-3. Please test (strcat error)

Stephane MONTESINO stephane.montesino@gmail.com
Mon May 9 09:15:00 GMT 2011

      0 [main] gnuplot 5204 exception::handle: Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
   1450 [main] gnuplot 5204 open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack trace to

This error message is not repetitive...

Here are my script:

gnuplot -persist <../script_gnuplot/puissance_local.gnu
gnuplot -persist <../script_gnuplot/couple_local.gnu
gnuplot -persist <../script_gnuplot/force_local.gnu

set view map
set xlabel 'Envergure [%]'
set ylabel 'Puissance [W]'
plot "<grep '400.00000' performance/rotor1/performance_local.dat" using 10:5 w
lines title "Aero", \
     "<grep '400.00000' performance/rotor1/performance_local.dat" using 10:8 w
lines title "Meca"
 set term postscript enhanced color
set output "performance/rotor1/puissance_local_400RPM.eps"

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