Issue with SCP and SSH on Windows 7

Fri May 6 17:54:00 GMT 2011

I have recently written a script in Windows Server Edition 2008 that SSHes
into a few linux servers, and then uses SCP to copy a file out of them. The
issue I'm having is with SSH keys getting set up, and cygwin trying to
create a .ssh directory in the C:/ directory, instead of where cygwin is
located. I'm running this program through the standard windows command
prompt, not cygwin's shell, as it is an automated process, and I don't know
how to automatically run a program in cygwin. Anyone know how I can change
the home directory to be C:/cygwin/home/user instead of the base C:/ dir, or
anyone know how to automatically run a script in cygwin? Thanks for the
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