difficulties with snapshots

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Thu May 5 09:50:00 GMT 2011

On May  5 10:47, EXCOFFIER Denis wrote:
> Hi,
> 1) It seems that we have management problems with the snapshots.
> The last one (indicated 2011-05-04 01:02:18 UTC) belongs in
> fact to 2011-05-05, and it is more recent than the preceding
> snapshot (indicated yesterday 2011-05-04 06:xx:xx UTC), which has
> now disappeared (diffs are shown against 20110502).
> In the past, at least for 2011-03-09 and for 2011-03-23 already, two
> snapshots were produced on the same day and the first one in the day
> has disappeared.
> If possible, make the date indicated in the snapshot page to be
> the same as the date indicated in `uname -a'. Or otherwise to
> minimize discrepancies.
> 2) More importantly, i was not able to compile snapshots since about
> beginning of May, with an error: wchar.h not found (in lsaauth).
> The snapshot 20110420 has compiled correctly at that time (say: 21/4);
> but i was not able to recompile it recently. You must know that

I have no problems to build lsaauth or, FWIW, the entire Cygwinhn tree.

> 3) And last, the last snapshot (20110504 01:02:18 UTC) does not work for me,
> see eg
> % /usr/bin/flex /dev/null
> ...does not finish
> %

I can reproduce it and I have a local patch which fixes it for me,
but it's not ready for prime time.


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