difficulties with snapshots

EXCOFFIER Denis denis.excoffier@c-s.fr
Thu May 5 08:48:00 GMT 2011


1) It seems that we have management problems with the snapshots.
The last one (indicated 2011-05-04 01:02:18 UTC) belongs in
fact to 2011-05-05, and it is more recent than the preceding
snapshot (indicated yesterday 2011-05-04 06:xx:xx UTC), which has
now disappeared (diffs are shown against 20110502).

In the past, at least for 2011-03-09 and for 2011-03-23 already, two
snapshots were produced on the same day and the first one in the day
has disappeared.

If possible, make the date indicated in the snapshot page to be
the same as the date indicated in `uname -a'. Or otherwise to
minimize discrepancies.

2) More importantly, i was not able to compile snapshots since about
beginning of May, with an error: wchar.h not found (in lsaauth).
The snapshot 20110420 has compiled correctly at that time (say: 21/4);
but i was not able to recompile it recently. You must know that
i update the cygwin packages every day, therefore the problem probably
comes from a recently added package.

OK we have received the new mingw-gcc... from Charles Wilson, but it
would normally not impact us since mingw and GCC-3 are not used in this
case (i use gcc4, the default).

3) And last, the last snapshot (20110504 01:02:18 UTC) does not work for me,
see eg
% /usr/bin/flex /dev/null
...does not finish


Denis Excoffier.

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