Bump! SSH works great, SFTP with a keypair fails. Please take a look at this log...

Andrew DeFaria Andrew.DeFaria@tellabs.com
Tue May 3 15:45:00 GMT 2011

On 4/28/2011 8:54 PM, Jason Schamp wrote:
> I've struggled with this for weeks. I'm using Cygwin v1.7.5 or v1.7.7
> and see the same behavior. SSH with or
> without a key pair will work flawlessly every time. SFTP with a password
> will work fine, but SFTP with a key
> pair will fail every time. The server thinks the publickey is accepted
> and then calls the SFTP subsystem... but it
> will disconnect a few seconds later. sftp-server.exe has the privileged
> server and domain users in the NTFS
> security and the privilege server has modify rights. It really looks
> like it should be working. Any ideas?

Why not simply use scp?
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